Amarillo TX to Santa Rosa NM 366 miles

October 1, 2017

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Heavy rain and lightning overnight but it stopped by the time we were off.

First stop Lewis Antique Auto and Toy Museum With over 700 cars

John having his hair cut.

Then onto Albuquerque Old Town. By that time the sun was shining, temperatures had risen and we had New Mexican food for lunch.


We continued to a little town, Laguna Pueblo.

Thilo had a flat tyre but was prepared with a spare.

Cris planning the next days route.

On our way to Grants, we stopped on the Route 66. The landscape was really beautiful and we took lots of pictures. But then all of a sudden a car stopped next to us and said we were a real danger, we were apparently not allowed to take pictures (land of the natives) and the driver warned us he would call the police (or had already called the police). And indeed: 10 seconds later the sheriff arrived so we quickly set off. The sheriff followed us for a while but that’s all. Might have cost us quite some money if he had stopped us … Below some nice photos from before the incident.

John Wallis