New York City to Whitney Point 276 miles

September 19 th 2017

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Three Borgwards driven by Cris, Luc and Jo set off at 5 am to drive though New York City starting with the Holland Tunnel. Cris was not keen but I takled him then others ito it was well worth getting up early for.

First we had to collect Jessie who was meeting us in Laight Street to then navigate the Great City.

Jessie an independent filmmaker was coming along with us to video and photograph the whole journey.

Luc's Isabella.

Jessie posing with Cris Gun's Saloon

Jessie photographing Luc and Jean-Marcel

Luc's 57 Saloon

Luc and Jean-Marcel amongst the New York traffic

New York New York.

Cris had a problem with his throttle spindle it kept falling out until it was crimped into place

Jo and Chris had a problem the Combi was running on three cylinders, turned out to be a stuck valve. We found a garage with a spring compressor so decided to limp there and take the head off so we could free the valve.

We started the job...

After taking things apart, the valve had freed itself so we were able to straighten the pushrod reassemble and carry on.

I think the problem was that everything had been over tightened so once it was back to normal the valve freed itself.

A well deserved supper and Milkshake

Cris planning the next days routes with Michelle.

John Wallis