Chicago IL part 2 to Springfield IL 187 miles

24th September 2017

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The night before briefing,Cris planning the next days route

The car ready for the start

Colin and Rita Fortnam's Coupé under the Route 66 start sign on E Adams Street Chicago Illinois.

Jessie directing Luc.

Starters orders...

First stop, The Autobahn Country Club in Joliet.

Sam Schultheis a founder member of The Autobahn Country Club invited us for a few laps..

Jessie Kathleen and Sharon.

Fred and Matthias enjoying the track.

Sam showed us round and we then provided a wonderful lunch.

One of Colin Fortnam's front wishbones came loose after the track event and had to limp back to be sorted.

Next stop Gemini Giant.

Ice cream, make mine Chocolate Mint please.

Randy's starter motor was on the blink and needed a service.

Another stunning sunset.

John Wallis