Niagara Falls to Westlake 227 miles

September 21st 2017

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Niagara Falls at night.

George Ormsby and Günter

George and his wife Margareth at breakfast

Cris sorting the route with Günter and George

Georges P100 automatic gear linkages

Cris Guns trying George's P100


We went to see the falls before we set off.

Cris sorting the route

Maiden of Mist how wet can you get!

Luc and Katleen’s car car engine had been making a noise for some time now plug 2 was wet with oil and the noise was terminal. Kris Brinkman who lives near Cleveland had been in touch with Graham Mander via Facebook and and passed the details to Cris Guns. after a few phone calls we found he had a Coupé engine that been stored for a number of years as the owner had fitted a Mazda engine in his Borgward. He had all the stuff we needed so all we had to do was tow the car 120 miles. Luckily Colin Fortnam had had the foresight to being a rigid tow bar that we attached to Luc's Coupé and towed it to Cleveland.

John Wallis removing the tow bar.

The English Tea Ceremony outside Kris Brinkman's house.

The job as started at 7:00 PM While waiting for Kris Erica brewed coffee for us and we fed her pet duck tomatoes


Luc watching John Wallis assemble the engine crane


The waterpump starter motor and alternator were all swapped and after adjusting the leads and timing the engine ran for the first time in many years.

Jessie a power nap.

Our drive to the hotel at about 3:30AM


John Wallis