N.E.C. Classic Motor Show 2014

John Wallis Hansa Pullman 2400
Graham Mander Isabella Cabriolet
Colin Fornam Isabella Coupé


Although we are quite a small club, we usually manage to put on a good display at this show. This is helped by the eye-catching styling of our cars and the high respect in which Borgward Isabellas are held by those visitors who remember them from the '50s/'60s. The three cars on our stand were an Isabella Coupé, a saloon Cabriolet, and a Hansa 2400.
We have to thank Colin Fortnam for providing his Coupé at very short notice. It is a credit to him that, after little more than two years, he has produced a car worthy of display from what was, originally, a very rusty restoration case. Apart from the welding and trimming, Colin did the rest of the work himself, including the paint job. Graham Mander's Isabella Cabriolet was appearing for the second year. Again, a car which attracted many admiring looks as well as questions about the cars heritage. Visitors found it difficult to comprehend that this car was originally a standard saloon, so converted

John Wallis's Hansa Pullman 2400, was a car to stop visitors in their tracks. This imposing luxury limousine would not be amiss as a higher diplomatic car. Alternatively, it also has undertones of an Eastern Bloc, cold-war, secret service vehicle or, even, a pre-war American gangster car. In fact, it was the model used by Carl Borgward as his personal chauffeured transport. John has performed a no expenses spared restoration and, to highlight the luxurious interior, he had the doors held open and spotlights judiciously arranged within. So, yet again, we felt we had done Carl Borgward's creations justice in the UK.

We have hopes that next year we will have even more cars on display, stand size permitting.

Norman Williams