Tokeryds Herrgård, Jönköping
Welcome to the brightest Småland and Tokeryds Herrgård on the next Borgward meeting on Ascension Day weekend 2010th
We have booked a small hotel situated right in the country just northwest of Jönköping. 2010 will be no rally round, but we should instead go jointly to the Husqvarna Museum for tour and then to Tabergs topp for lunch. As usual we hope for good weather, good food and pleasant socializing.

Program for Swedish Borgward Club meeting the 14th of May until 16th of May 2010
We meet Friday night at 19:00 for the joint dinner with a roast and a small dessert in Tokeryds Herrgård.
Saturday at 10:00, we go for a guided tour of the Husqvarna Museum.
At 13:00 we eat lunch on Tabergs Topp.
At 15:00 afternoon tea in Tokeryds Herrgård and Spare Parts sale.
At 18:00 a 3-course dinner is served.

Negotiations annual meeting Sunday at 10:00

The hotel booked by the participants themselves:
Tokeryds Herrgård, SE-555 94 Jönköping.
Phone +46 36 16 72 70 You can also get information about the hotel through the website

Registration for the meeting made by e-mail to:
ingemar.gahne @ or via
Telephone +46 36 340 345, preferably between 17:00-18:00.
For information about the meeting, you can also
try daytime +46 708 26 21 97

Ingemar, Jeanette & Liam Gahn

We pay 795 SEK per night, including dinner Friday and Saturday
+ 2 x breakfast + afternoon tea on Saturday. The price includes water / beer / coffee at mealtimes. For full rights for those who want to buy beer, wine & other strong products for meals.
The participants book hotel them self and are also fully responsible for any costs in connection with any notified participants did not show up on the meeting.

The hotel has 18 double rooms and 17 single rooms, there is the possibility of an extra bed in one of the rooms. Possibility of parking of caravans in close proximity to the hotel.
(If not enough room, there are other hotels within reasonable driving distance)