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Car Collection from Europe and arrival in Newark NY

August to September 2017

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Borgwards being loaded on to the Tiger Vallenta in Bremaharven 22 August the ship sails to New Jersey via Zeebrugge and Southampton

Cris Gun's Saloon

Zeebrugge collection

Colin Fortnam's car in Southampton ready for collection.


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Dyck Livant, George Ormsby, Kathleen Ormsby, and Jessie, arrived as requested by Dudley at 3PM at the firm's office.
The ship, which can carry 7,000 vehicles, initially had to discharge BMW vehicles it had taken on at Bremmerhaven to another dock in Newport. So we went for something to eat, and returned in time.
We donned our yellow reflective vests, and were driven over to the ship, and walked up five floors to the first 8 vehicles. Three of those cars had flat batteries for some unexplained reason; lights seemed off.
The Coupe with 12 volt conversion was simply flat and it started with a battery pack. A Coupe and a Combi, I believe started with a spray of starter fluid which Dyck had brought along. He is familiar with this problem. I saw him in action in Chichuau, Mexico.
We started all these vehicles, and made sure they were warmed up. Because of the Steevedors' Union, we did not drive the vehicles to the parking area on land. We then walked up to the next floor, and started up the next 5 vehicles. We were not happy about some of the drivers, so did our best to ensure they understood about having the hand brake rotated and pushed right down fully.
There were still about 1,500 vehicles to land, Rovers, Mercedes, and Nissans I believe. We looked at the cars in the parking area later to be sure the keys had been removed from the ignition switchs.
Jessie was filming the exit of each vehicle from the hold of the ship while we were upstairs.


Jessie our Filmmaker on the bridge

"She's taking photographs while we're taking snaps" - Colin Fortnam

George Ormsby, Kathleen Ormsby, Dyck Livant

New York city skyline


George Ormsby

Dyck Livant

Dyck checking out the incredible view

A little warm sunshine to greet the weary sea travellers

All safe and cozy waiting for there owners so they can hit the road, the largest number of Borgwards landing in the US since 1961

Port Newark 1958

Port Newark 2017



New York pictures by Jessie Calhoun

John Wallis