Flight in and of Car Collection from Newark

17th 18th September 2017

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The English flew from Heathrow Terminal 5 on 17th September 2017

Colin and Keith Fortnam

Rita and Colin waiting in the departure lounge

Complimentary glass of Champagne

John Wallis trying out the Captains seat

Only 5.6 tons of fuel left of the 52 tons we left Heathrow with.

Michelle and the Belgium boys at the Hilton Newark Airport Hotel

Time to stock up with oil and antifreeze as we were not allowed to bring any.

looking for somewhere to eat.

Jessie et al at the first meeting organised by Scenic and Continental.


The cars were collected early on Monday 18th September some had flat batteries one had to be replaced after fuel it was back to the hotel.

Transit train to the main station.

Cris sorting tickets for the Subway.

Street seller New York

Ground Zero New York

Cris planning the next days route

Battery Park New York

Cris Guns first meeting handing out walkie talkies


John Wallis