Santa Barbara, CA. to Redondo Beach CA. 103 miles

October 15 and 16th 2017

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Breakfast followed by a goodbye to the American Borgward Club

We took the Pacific Coastal Highway (PCH) to the beach.

Colin and Rita

John, Eddie, Rita, Cris, Colin, Keith and Randy, in the back Jo and Chris.

Ines and Michelle

Colin and Randy

Michelle Ines Eddie Rita Colin Keith Randy Chris and Jo

Luc and Jean-Marcel

Randy's Coupé

Cris Gun's Saloon

Colin's Coupé

Luc's Saloon

Luc's Coupé

Chris's Combi

Cris and Michelle

Supper at the hotel,Eddie, Colin, John, Keith and Colin

The next morning October 16, 2017 the cars were driven to the port ready for collection

Lunch time fish and chips.

The Randy took us to Balboa Pier

Dale, John, Chris, Jo, Randy, Cris and Sharon.

Sunset from Randy's balcony,Laguna beach

Jo, Kathleen, Luc, Chris and Luc.

Armin, Schorsch, Heinz, Sigi and Anne.

Rita and Keith

Uschi and Roland

Colin's Coupé..... Time to go home.

Colin's car Home in Southampton UK

John Wallis