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Body repairs and conversion is being carried out by Bosman Classics.

This page shows the coupé body repairs to Matt's Isabella.

While Anjo is rebuilding the body Matt is rebuilding the remainder of the car here

The shell is now in Anjo's workshop in Holland after removal of the wings the shell will be sandblasted prior to repair then conversion.


September 2013

In Holland Anjo had the whole shell sandblasted.

Now sand blasted the shell's real condition can be seen without filler, fiberglass, paper and thick underseal.

November 2013 Now Anjo's work begins.

After attaching to the alignment frame one half of the old floor, sill, chassis leg and bulkhead were carefully cut out along with all the rust and earlier botched repairs.

New rear chassis leg and sills fitted note factory support alignment frame.

Anjo offers the door is regularly to double check alignment.

The B pillar was supported by an alignment strap before the old parts were removed.

New front wheel arch bulkhead in place.

Dec 2013

We travailed over to Holland to see how Anjo was getting on with the welding The car will be welded as standard before the modifications are carried out.


The welding should be completed by January

Anjo has finished welding and sprayed the floor in final yellow so now the car can become a Cabriolet.



The bottom the boot has been replaced by removing the inner strengthener, fabricating a repair section and finally welding to the boot base.

April 2014

The top has now been removed and most of the strengthening is in place

Front bulkhead



Door skin repair.


"A" post and sill reinforcement.

Anjo and Matt


The body "in white" is due to be completed in the next few weeks then the shell will be taken to the spray shop.


The shell is now in primer, top coat later this month and with luck back in the UK soon

First top coat. As the car will be two-tone the bonnet boot top of doors and so on are yet to be sprayed.

The car is now back with Anjo at Bosman Classics, he will be fitting the wing piping and door rubbers prior to transporting the shell back to the UK for Matt to fit up.



Anjo has now brought the car back to the UK ready for reassembly.


Strip down and parts restoration page here

Welding shell conversion and painting page here

Reassemble page here