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Borgward Drivers' Club Journals from 1981 Produced by

Nick Driscoll.

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Keith Fortnam 1966 camping holiday in Italy, staying at Laigdeglia next to Alassio with his brother Colin's Combi.
Keith wanted to show how much stuff you can carry in such a humble
Combi. He recalls that, in addition to their friend Reg, they picked up
a girl (as you do), who stayed a while, until she left them to re-join
her parents, taking Colin's passport, by mistake, instead of her own.
How did they get home, well, that is another story!

."We did start out with four members in our 'gang' but the fourth person in our
party decided on Monday morning that he missed his girl-friend, having rung her at9.20 am at work, ( she didn't start 'til 9 o'clock).
The relationship wasn't going so well, so he decided to get the train back home.
He asked us to drop him off in Cannes"

Colin, full of tact, as usual, said if she loves you she will be there when you get back, if not, it's too late anyway!"
They carried on and had four weeks holiday in the sun.

Keith Fortnam

Colin and Rita circa 1967


Roger Winner in his 1949 Hansa Pictures taken May 1962



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