Club News and Jottings 2013


December 2013

Walter Heale has discovered a TS Deluxe Isabella interested??

"I recently discovered another Borgward.. a TS deluxe in very original condition, interior is fantastic albeit missing its rear seat, but totally knackered! last used in 1978 and left in its hiding place in a West Sussex barn ever since. It took a friend and I around four hours to get the thing out, thank goodness for my old Range Rover!.
It was originally purchased in Aiden by the same chap who owned the big diamond saloon Robert Richmond-Jones bought then me and now resides with Gavin Watson.
Not sure where this car is destined but thought you might like some pics for the website, I will be selling the car so feel free to mention this... I do think spares only or suitable for restoration if you are a masochist!"

Walter Heale

Historic Motorcar Storage,

07787 757120


November 2013

Matt Hunt's Coupé at the N. E. C.

Graham Manders Deutsch Cabriolet on display.

The Stig..

Graham with Edd China from "Wheeler Dealers"


Edd China Matt Hunt's Coupé

Arabella meeting in Lechbruck 2014

The venue for our2014 meeting is Lechbruck from 29 May to 1st June, you can log in from now on our website. We have a block booking for rooms until 30 November so please book now.. We look forward to our annual reunion.

Kind regards

Uwe Pawelski & Silke Dannenmaier

October 2013

Ray Mead from Pennsylvania has sent a picture of his 1958 Isabella Coupé, the car has been garaged for the last 23 years and is now being recommissioned. "I will enjoy driving it...................... I can't wait - I've always wanted one, though the one I bought is the first one I've ever actually seen in person!"

Neil Wilson has converted his Isabella to LPG and has been enjoying the car all year.

"The Borgward Isabella TS 75 took a trip to Dornock, North Scotland from Millom Cumbria. It covered 1014 miles round trip using 167.81 L of gas at about 75p/L. I.e. 6.5 miles/L (29.7 mpg) The 'money equivalent' of over 60mpg. It went, Inverness to Kendal on one filling. Do you want a full report? Note the reduction in pollutants (Gas Cert.); also the engine oil shows no sign of carbon deposits after 3000 miles in three months and am assured that the combustion space will be as equally clean." Neil Wilson

September 2013

15 16 17 November 2013 at The NEC, Birmingham

Come and meet us in Hall 7 stand 246

Call 0871 230 1088 to book tickets or go online

There is a special advance ticket offer for Club Members offering £5 off the Sat/Sun door price.

See the advertisement in the latest copy of the Borgward News Letter for details and discount codes.

August 2013

Gordon Hobbs visited by Colin Fortnam while he was in Canada.

Gordon his wife Joan with Colin and his wife. Gordon brought his Coupé to the UK while working here and accompanied us to many Borgward International Meetings in Germany accompanied by his son.


Matt Hunt is turning this 1958 Coupé just bought into a Deutsch Cabriolet More here.

Vincent Palmier has just bought a 1959 Coupé - he was missing his old one that's now with Matt Hunt!

July 201

Kailly Woodroffe who lives in Sidney is driving her mother's Deutsch Coupé from the U.K. to Germany and back on behalf of the Australian club for this years International German Meeting.

BORGWARD CLUB AUSTRIA 30th International meeting in Kaprun

First time on your site, which I found on a google search.
The reason - I am a very keen motorist, just tuned 65 years old, taking in a
summer holiday just outside Kaprun in Austria, when I saw three Borgward's pass by me one day, I had to check
this out and did, at Votter's Sport Kristal Hotel.

Here is a link to the photos I took last week-end, thought you, your members
and web site would like to view
them, feel free to download what ever you like.

By the way the coupe - reg no.RO 06121, sounded great when started up,
goodness knows what motor he had in it,
it looked quite standard.

Kind regards.

Neil Munro-Thomson

More pictures from the hotel Kaprun here..

June 2013

The Pullman body has had its first coat of black paint.

Robert Richmond-Jones Saloon first run after a 50 year break

29th International Borgward Meeting België in Casteau

April 2013

2013 AGM Line up Click for link

Frances has her Isabella running again after 23 years and will be driving KGU to the AGM next week.

Techno-Classica Essen 2013

Isabella takes a bath! The Club won 6th place out of 122 for there club stand Well Done!

On my way over to Essen I had a chance to ride in and see Patrick Mollard's recently completed Deutsch Cabriolet.


The Carl F. W. Borgward Interessentgemeinschaft new updated website is now on line (


Please try and attend The Borgward Drivers Club A.G.M. will be held in the committee room Aspley Guise Village Hall, Woburn Lane, Aspley Guise,MK17 8JH on Sunday 28th April at 2.30 p.m. Lunch can be had in the The Anchor 10 The Square, Aspley Guise MK17 8DF Tel. 01908 582177 from 12 Noon this is on Church Street, More information in your newsletter.


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If your Isabella had covered 100,000km and had been regularly serviced by an authorised Borgward dealer you would be presented with a gold Borgward watch. This was a considerable achievement for most cars on post war streets but easily reached by almost every Isabella, to keep costs down 200.000km was then chosen, latterly only drivers of cars not registered to them were awarded as it was thought company cars would not be treated as well. however 200,000km was not a problem even with average care so a plaque and certificate were awarded to all at 100,000km.

Women's watches were also awarded but theses are very rare indeed.



"Haus der Geschichte" in Bonn acquires Borgward badge at auction

Weser-Kurier 2004

March 2013

I have uploaded more information about the 2013 International trip to Essen and more pictures of the 2012 Annaberg trip Click to be taken there.


Matt Hunt's car is coming on very well. His web page


February 2013

3083PL Comes Home.

Vincent Palmier coupé has been sold to new club member Matt Hunt more information here

January 2013

John Wilson has sent an interesting cutting from the Daily Mail.

Peter Kurze Clip showing the Borward plant from 1907 to 2012

Borgward Club Austria 2013 Events. website

January 1st 2013 Brooklands Weybridge New Year meeting.