Jottings 2008




December 2008

The 35th International Borgward Meeting is to be held in Münster just north of Essen on the 4th to 6th September 2009.

We will travel over from 3rd to 7th of September. These dates are provisional at the moment.



October 2008

We have recived an email from Denis Hibbs in New Zealand

Just thought I would say hi after looking at your site.

I currently have two Arabella's at home, one stripped right down at the moment getting the chassis rebuilt. I am away to the South Island on Thursday and will be bringing another back to be restored next.
I am logging my progress at
As you will see I owned an Arabella many years ago.
I have always been intriged as to way the Arabella never features much in Borgward circles. I realise that just under 48,000 were built which is tiny compared to the Isabella. Perhaps there are not many around these days. It is pleaseing to see however photos of three Arabella's at the recent German meeting. My friend in Germany who is restoring an Arabella sent me two DVD's of cars there.
All the best.

Regards to all
Denis Hibbs
Napier New Zealand

Well worth a look.


I had an email from Michael Geayley New Zealand in August :

We have found your e-mail address on internet and we wonder if you would be able to let us know if there is anywhere to view in England. We arrive on the 28th August and will be touring around Britain, leaving on 4th October. We own a 1961 Isabella Coupe TS (photo attached) a running restoration and would love to see some other examples of the Borgwards in Britain.
Look forward to hearing from you soonest.

Michael and Lesley Geayley

We met up at the end of September at Nick's Mothers house in West End.

Michael looking at Nick's Coupé

Lesley and Mike Geayley with Nick and his Combi.

Chris Butler in his Coupé and under the hood of an early TS. Chris has a large collection of Borgwards in NZ

The Three Jones Boys


Time is always at a premium but I would like to think that all being well “XRT 620” will see the light of day under her own steam during the early to the middle part of 2009 - this is subject to Ollie’s Saloon behaving itself (although he is becoming more mechanically able as things go wrong with it!), and also my assistance with his newly acquired Coupe. Finally, I feel it most remiss of me not to thank the committee and members for my appointment as President of the Club and to commend the committee for its stalwart efforts and commitment to the club which thanks to John Wallis is now receiving a jolly good “airing” both in the Classic Car Journals and in particular on the internet.

Robert Richmond-Jones

September 2008

Bob Moore has won this magnificent trophy for 3rd place at the Haynes Motor Museum Rare Breeds Car Show on Sunday 7th September

August 2008


Nick Driscoll is replacing the engine on in his Combi after a piston broke-up "I didn't think it was too bad as it was still running on 4

Cylinders. It was making more noise than when a piston ring fails but as it was't running hot and the oil pressure was fine I thought i'd

Drive the 30 miles home." Having arrived home things were worse that at first thought..


The new engine was assembled in the front room!

Final assembly in the rain!

Combi engine runs again!


August 2008

Oliver Richmond-Jones has just bought a LHD Coupé that has been off the road for many years.

He has already spoken to George Sinclair to arrange new sills and floor sections

July 2008

The Mayor at the Claygate Summer presenting Ian Davidson with the best of show trophy

Ian's Coupé is one of the best in the country having spent many long years restoring her.